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EP 3: Customs

Customs. In this episode we examine how seemingly unimportant interactions can become traditions future generations pass forward for years. We talk to Robert Lee about a team of volunteers in City Heights that are using education to foster inclusion into the community and our music reporter, Bizzy Balboa introduces us to a young rapper whos literally using music as therapy.

Music credits:
* Dan Harumi - the coffee beat
* Tres ‘Sojourn’ Hodgens - 2nd wind
* Oranje Space - Zoom

Robert Lee
San Diego Refugee Tutoring:

James 'Opoetik' Stewart

Bizzy Balboa,
The Get to Know Me Podcast



Show credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Tres ”Sojourn” Hodgens (Music Supervisor)

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