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EP 2: The Southeast

'The Southeast’. In this episode we’ll look at The Underground Improv, a venue crucial in the development of San Diego's illustrious rap history. We then fast-forward 20 years to see what’s happening in that space today. Featuring unreleased music by The Improv Allstars.


Music credits:

• Tres ‘Sojourn’ Hodgens - "illy"

• Bennie Eklipse Herron feat Orko Elohim - "Long Time No See"

• The Improv Allstars - "619 Anthem"



Kevin Green


Jahsun Fakolade Edmonds


Bennie Herron


Khalid Alexander, Pillars of the Community


Show credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator), Chris Reyes (Head Editor) and Tres ”Sojourn” Hodgens (Music Supervisor)

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